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1st trip detecting, 1st trip to Mount Crawford :)

The ACE  3 November 2012 11:30:05 AM

Well I set out on Friday (yesterday) for my 1st trip detecting and obviously my 1st trip to Mount Crawford.

So how did I go you ask, well I found a lot of fencing wire, a few strange bullets, they had been fired, but they we still in tack and they are nylon, very bizarre.

I also found a quiet bit of hydro. waste in a couple of the areas I tried, seems like someone is indoor gardening in the area.

But here is the stange thing I did not see any mine shafts, this is what I was really worried about, maybe that is why I did not find any nuggets, I was just in the wrong area.

I have taken a few photos and I am hoping that someone can help me with my 'quest' :)

I tried around this hill -

What is strange about this is that someone has been trying very hard to have access to this area and drive up this hill, Forestry SA have made a number of attempts to stop them and I notice that they had just cut the fencing wire, someone has driven up this hill recently and I followed their tacks to the top of the hill and I gave up after I realised that the track went down the other side.

As I was driving out I noticed a couple of guys detecting quiet near to this hill so I am going to give it a try next friday.